Slow Speed Challenge


Season 26 | Episode 1

Dave Hatch | Host 



Motorcycle Skills Challenge

The slow speed riding challenge is something any motorcyclist can use to practice their motorcycle riding skills.  All you need is an empty parking lot and some pylons (or empty Tim Hortons coffee cups).

As long-time viewers may appreciate, the Yamaha Challenge has become something of a tradition at Motorcycle Experience. Dave sets up a Yamaha related challenge and lets the chips fall where they may aiming to illustrate skills you’ll need as a motorcycle rider and demonstrating how to face those challenges. There was the Yamaha BWS 125 Scooter bet pitting Bryan Hudgin against the elements, and his gas tank, on the long road between Baie Commeau, Quebec and Goose Bay, Labrador. Then there was a series of dirt riding challenges where Bryan took his skills off-road to demonstrate adventure riding techniques. In honour of this illustrious tradition, in 2015 Dave and Matt Fletcher, of Yamaha Canada, set out to challenge OPP Officer Anthony Mann to a series of parking lot maneuvering challenges on a Yamaha FZ07.

In this first challenge, Dave and Matt lay down the law at the Picton Airport in Prince Edward County.  The first challenge seems relatively simple on paper, but it actually takes a lot of skill and it’s an important one to practice, as we say, at least once every riding season.   Dave and Matt marked a straight course, about 50m long and Anthony has to ride out that 50m in more that 45seconds. He can’t put his feet down or swerve outside the pylons.

When taking this challenge to task, be sure you use the clutch as the accelerator and keep the revs up. It will help you with the centrifugal force which will help keep the bike upright. Also, engaging the rear brake, not the front brake, to slow down helps to maintain control.



Gaspe is one place, as a motorcyclist you want to see, it’s a motorcycle mecca, it’s all about the ride. There’s a lot of history here as well but this one is all about the ride. You’re on the coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, you’re on the coast of Baie des Chaleur. You can go in and out of the Gaspe peninsula on these various roads and you’re going to get changing scenery continuously so it’s a real cool place to go as a Motorcyclist.


Over the twelve part article Dave Hatch talks to Harley-Davidson about how to shop and fit a bike, get the right gear, suit up for the season and pick the right accessories for your ride. These riding tips will keep you safe and prepared but more than anything get the most out of your ride.


Season 26’s “Winging It” was all about the art of touring and celebration of Honda’s iconic touring machine the Gold Wing’s 40th anniversiry. Ken Edick a veteran touring biker and owner of a Honda Gold Wing shares his best tips on touring. The tips include everything from the proper riding gear to take along on a long tour, the equipment, the additional tools and things to take along just to make sure that you keep moving and enjoying your experience.

Test Your Motorcycle Riding Skills

Recently we’ve been working on improving the riding skills of Anthony Mann by putting him through a series of motorcycle riding skills exercises designed by Matt Fletcher at Yamaha Motor Canada. Matt had hoped this friendly little challenge would show us all how we can become better riders when we practice our sport.  All you need is some open pavement like an empty parking lot and a couple of make shift cones or pylons.


The mission of the TELUS Ride For Dad is to raise funds to save men’s lives by supporting prostate cancer research and raising public awareness of the disease. Our goal is for men to continue to be there for their families and friends for years to come. The parade of vehicles grabs the attention of the masses and the media on ride day, the research helps find hope for the future and the awareness has the potential of saving men’s lives today.

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