Last weekend I had a terrific time up in Whitehorse. I met some wonderful fans of the TV show, made some new friends and had a terrific time helping the local Telus Ride For Dad organizers raise $40,000. That’s quite an amazing dollar figure by the way, when you stop to consider that 200 motorcyclists took part in the event. Amazing! The generosity of Canadian motorcyclists never fails to amaze me. Seriously, when you think about all the various fund raisers we participate in, all across Canada during the course of a summer, from toy runs to rally’s, the mind boggles. Makes ya kinda proud to be a motorcycle rider, eh?

My hosts continued to astound me when, after the Ride for Dad, a group of us joined organizer, Mike Thorpe for a “spirited” ride down to Skagway, Alaska from Whitehorse along the Klondike Highway. Man what an amazing ride! We had the entire road to ourselves. The scenery was spectacular and most of the way, the road resembled a Hot Wheels track. Which meant, at times, we were forced to ride slightly above the posted limit. We had an awesome day! I would have to say that the Klondike Highway experience may have been one of the top 3 rides in my 40 years of keeping my right hand cranked. It was that good! If you ever get the opportunity to ride a motorcycle up in the Yukon territory, don’t hesitate. I promise it will be a ride you will never forget.

Speaking of rides, on this edition of Motorcycle Experience, we fire up our third full day of riding in Las Vegas, Nevada and strike gold in Eldorado Canyon. Then during this weeks “Red Adventure”, expert off road competitor Lawrence Hacking will demonstrate the proper way to ride your adventure bike while standing up. Plus former pro road racer and sportbike tire guru, Sandy Noce of Pro Six Cycle will stop by to look at your track day riding gear, and motorcycle journalist Colin Fraser will join me to discuss shopping for a used bike while we look back at a 2006 BMW K1200R.

Keep your right hand cranked,

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