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Top 7 Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Essentials – Fluids

As promised, we’re going to dig a little deeper into each of our top seven spring motorcycle maintenance checkpoints. Allan DeWolfe of EUROtech Auto Import service was kind enough to roll out his own BMW as we discuss Item number one on our list…Fluids.  There are several different types of fluids to check on after your motorcycle’s been stored for a few months.

First of all, if you didn’t follow our winter storage advice to put fuel stabilizer in your gas tank, you’ve got to deal with that stale gas.  Allan recommends topping up your tank with a fresh tank of premium. For most modern motorcycles, 91 octane will work fine, but Allan recommends avoiding ethanol additives if possible.

Brake fluid and hydraulic clutch fluid will also need your attention. It’s a good idea to check these fluids as per your owner’s manual. If you are confident in your mechanical skills, Allan recommends that periodically you should consider replacing all the brake fluid. However, he warns that brake fluid is extremely corrosive and will damage you’re the paint on your motorcycle. So it might be best left to a professional.

The final fluid on Allan’s DIY list is the radiator mixture. Get out your manual to check the manufacturers recommendations then mix water and coolant in a jug and fill your radiator to the max line. Most motorcycles use a 50/50 mix and you don’t need special water. Allan says, just any tap water that you would drink will do for your radiator. After you fill your radiator you should take your motorcycle for a short ride, then let it cool right down (DANGER! Your coolant will be extremely HOT! right after that ride! Do not try to take off the rad cap until the bike has completely cooled), then check your rad level again and top up as needed.

Stay tuned… next week we’re looking at how to tackle your battery when getting your favourite set of wheels out of storage.

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