Honda Red Adventure

Basic tips for adventure riding

Episode One: The New Honda Africa Twin
Dave Hatch and Lawrence Hacking discuss the rising popularity of adventure motorcycles and Honda’s latest foray into the category, the Honda Africa Twin.

Episode 2: Outerwear

Dave Hatch and Toni Sharpless discuss outer-layer options to take with you on an adventure ride.

Episode 3: DCT Transmission
Dave and Lawrence Hacking discuss the ins and outs of the DCT transmission option available on Honda’s new adventure motorcycles.

Episode 4: Under Gear
Dave and Toni talk about the ins and outs choosing the right under layer of clothing for adventuring riding.

Episode 5: Being Prepared
Lawrence Hacking shares some of the tricks he’s learned for packing light while still being prepared for anything.

Episode 6: Standing Up
Lawrence Hacking goes over the how and why of standing up while adventure riding.

Episode 7: Helmets
Dave and Toni go over the particular helmet requirements for adventure riding.

Episode 8: Riding Posture
Dave and Lawrence Hacking expand on the topic of proper adventure riding posture and the advantages to standing up.

Episode 9: Off-road Luggage
Toni differentiates between luggage for your adventure tour and the backpack you should carry if you are out on the trail.

Episode 10: Tires
Dave and Lawrence Hacking give some tips on ensuring you have the right tires for your adventure.

Episode 11: Rain Gear
Toni share some advice on how to dress for the rain and pack for it.

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