Here we are, launching our new and improved website! This new face of the program has been many months in the making and our digital team has done an excellent job getting it ready. What prompted this renovation project was the startling realization that we have been cranking out Motorcycle Experience in one form or another for the past 25 years. Those of you old enough to remember the 80’s will also recall our first TV series title, Motorcycle Rider. Back in the summer of 1989, TSN premiered Motorcycle Rider on Thursday nights at 7:30pm. Can imagine? Our humble little televised motorcycle magazine once aired in primetime across Canada on a weeknight. Wow! Those were the days my friends. But I digress…

Here at ME we decided that we were going to do a pile of things over the course of 2014 to mark our 25th milestone and one of those “things” was to overhaul the website. I really hope to like it. If you are shopping for a used motorcycle, be sure to check out all the archived road tests and don’t ignore the informative riding tips. They will go a long way to help you improve your riding skills and therefore make you a safer rider. As you know, safer riders are happier riders too.

Be sure to also shoot us a quick e-mail and let us know what you think of the new website and share with us what you’d like us to add to make it even better. As for our 25th anniversary, I invite you to keep coming back to our website site or even better, I urge you to sign up and become a member of our Motorcycle Experience Riders Club. This summer we will be announcing a ton of new, cool stuff for fans of the program. Our year long birthday celebration will also include giving away a pile of Joe Rocket motorcycle riding gear. We’ll be organizing some “meet and greet rides” in Southern Ontario and we’ll be auditioning for this falls new batch of guest road testers. But you’ve got to be a member of the club in order to get in on the goodies.

Remember, I promise we won’t send you spam or sell your e-mail address to some third party. That just wouldn’t be right. That’s it for now. Keep your feet on the pegs and your right hand cranked….

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