Web Series: Tech Tips With Warren Milner

Storing Your Motorcycle

Episode 1: Tires

Former Honda Canada technical advisor, Warren Milner met up with us at the Brooklin Cycle Racing headquarters in Pickering Ontario and we discussed everything you need to know about how to properly store your motorcycle for an extended period of time. Topics such as what to do about your motorcycle’s gas, tires, batteries, and more, are covered in these segments. Warren has been riding and wrenching for over 4 decades and for 25 of those years, he was THE GUY at Honda Canada when it came to technical advice on all things motorcycles. So, there’s a lot of great advice to be had in this technical mini series on motorcycle storage.

Episode 2: Washing

Here, we are discussing why it’s important to put away a clean machine.

During the taping, Warren told me about a spray-on solution, called ACF-50, that helps to protect your motorcycle from corrosion during storage. ACF-50 has strong capillary action so will creep into all the areas that moisture can, ‘actively’ pushing out moisture and replacing it with protection. Warren suggested that you go cautiously when applying this product to ENSURE YOU KEEP IT OFF THE BRAKES. Use ACF-50 anywhere on your motorcycle, except the brakes, including the entire engine and down the exhaust can (you motorcycle will smoke on first start in the spring and burn off down the pipe but it still promises to slow down corrosion process). ACF-50 contains no water and is approved for electrics so spray directly into electrical joints and components where it will prevent corrosion induced failures. Anyway, check out the video for yourself.

Episode 3: Batteries

This tech tip is all about your motorcycles batteries. This is an item that you can totally write off if you don’t look after it properly during the cold winter months. Seriously, who can afford to replace a battery every spring? Especially when a just a few simple house keeping items will keep your battery intact and ready to roll once the winter months are over a done with. What I found interesting when discussing batteries with Warren, is that a lot of the new high-end motorcycles now have computers on board that are always on. Yes, even when the key is off! This high tech addition to your motorcycle certainly brings a lot to the party in terms of performance and safety, but in exchange, those on board computers can drain your battery in less than a month if you don’t take the appropriate precautions. Now, that’s a major drag. So what do you do? Well, watch this next video and make sure that come spring you don’t get caught out!

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