I just finished reading a press release announcing that TSN is going to air a couple of half hours of motocross coverage from Walton this year. Wonderful! This is really great news for this county’s fans of both pro and amateur motocross and overall just more great exposure for Canadian motorcyclists in general. Reading the release reminded me of how twenty years ago, back in 1996, I asked TSN if they would be interested in broadcasting an hour of MX coverage from Walton and to my surprise they said “yes”! It was a really great feeling to be able to produce that monster sized event for a TSN sized broadcast audience. I’m still very proud to have been apart of that MX history. And I’m also proud of my friends at TSN.  I can’t say enough about how supportive TSN has been over the years when it comes to our sport of motorcycling here in Canada. I mean they have supported our show, Motorcycle Experience for 27 years, which is quite amazing. But they’ve also aired other Canadian motorcycle events that we’ve produced on their behalf, over the past 20 years. That list includes, the CND Superbike Championships, the Mr. Lube FreeStyle Competitions and coverage of the now defunct, CDN SuperMotard Championships. Plus TSN has helped us cover both our CFL Chopper Challenge and our NHL Chopper Challenge build off shows hosted by Kirk Muller. That’s a very impressive record when you think about it. No other network here in Canada has broadcast home grown motorcycle content like TSN. Ya gotta love it!

And speaking of our show, on the next edition of Motorcycle Experience, the circle will be completed as Norm and I wrap up 4 fabulous days of riding in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then during this weeks “Red Adventure” segment, expert off road racer Lawrence Hacking will take a very important look at your adventure bike’s rubber. Professional riding instructor Clinton Smout speaks up about loud pipes and then, motorcycle journalist Colin Fraser will join me to discuss shopping for a used bike while we look back to the year 2008 when we first sampled BMW’s sporty middle weigh twin, the F800S. Hope you like the show.

Keep your right hand cranked..

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