Ken Edick

“‘If it wasn’t for our winter weather, I don’t think I’d even own a car.’ That’s my reply when asked by people about myself and motorcycles, for as long as I can remember.
I was introduced to motorcycling by my best friend when I was growing up, and I was still living at home.  When the discussion came up around the dinner table, my Dad was quick to state ‘not while your under my roof!’  I guess I was eager to move out sooner than planned, as I was actively arranging purchase of said transportation during those colourful family discussions.  Much later on, both my father and I shared one of the most amazing motorcycle adventures I ever had, and it lasted for a number of weeks……he was an amazing co-rider!
After countless years racking-up over a million miles (that’s non-metric kilometres), I presently spend my riding time in the saddle of the 15th motorcycle I’ve owned.   Liquid-cooled and shaft drive became my must haves, as I quickly discovered the vastness of North American backroads.  Although a necessary evil at times, I detest interstate riding…….Squared off tires infuriate me, and I prefer to use all the surface where a tread design can be found.
Then, for nearly a dozen years, I was actively involved as Motorcycle Safety Instructor with Humber College, sharing my training knowledge and experiences with every student who brought their enthusiasm to class.  The enjoyment of sharing information from the curriculum and real-world riding tips, was almost as satisfying as the actual thrill of riding…..almost.
Motorcycling has been my life, and it’s reflected in my sign-off signature even today….
‘Make the ride the reason………not just the destination'”
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