Jenn Martin | Professional Riding Instructor

Everyone has a passion .. Jenn Martin’s passion is riding motorcycles and teaching others how to safely pursue their two wheeled dreams.Jenn has been motorcycling for over 30 years and has been able to translate her hobby into full time employment! As Chief Coordinating Instructor at Georgian College, she trains all levels of motorcycle riders.Georgian offers a huge range of motorcycle training courses and most recently became Ontario’s first college to provide licensing on motor tricycles. Jenn also conducts In-Vehicle Training for the Ministry of Transportation’s M2 Signing Authority Training and has been a motorcycle demonstrator for the Serco Driver Examination Centre.As an off-road Instructor, Jenn teaches folks in her spare time how to ride dirt bikes, ATVs, and is a Canada Safety Council Certified snow machine instructor. During the winter months, Jenn tours across Canada with the Yamaha Riding Academy attending the motorcycle industry consumer shows. During those shows she teaches children ages 6 – 12 how to ride.Jenn, says riding is all about, “the absolute and total joy I feel. There is nothing like it.”

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