Wing’s Over The County 2014

Hey everyone, have you heard about our up-coming Motorcycle Experience Wings Over The County event?  In late September we’re throwing a 25th anniversary party for our TV show and we’re paying tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Honda Gold Wing and we want you to...

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Events in Prince Edward County

We are very excited to be announcing another one of our annualHorn Trip celebrations! On Saturday, June 14th in recognition of Motorcycle Experience’s 25th anniversary, we will be holding our very own Pride Ride – Horn Trip down here in Prince Edward County where most...

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Honda’s Valkyrie Review

Hey Everyone, I just received delivery of Honda’s all new Valkyrie the other day. What an amazing motorcycle! As for my very first impression…this is a motorcycle that defines the term “smooth running”. While cruising along you feel absolutely no vibration in your...

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Yamaha’s All New FZ9

I just spent the last 2 weeks blasting around on Yamaha’s all new FZ9. What a terrific “bang for the buck” motorcycle. This is a motorcycle with a ton of personality. Every time I get off it I have to remind myself not to smile too much or my face will wind up aching...

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