Colin Fraser | Veteran Motorcycle Journalist

Colin Fraser

Colin Fraser is a vertan motorcycle journalist who produces the Canadian Superbike series for TSN. This is a collage of him enjoying superbikes on the track as well as recreational motorcycling.

Colin Fraser started motorcycle roadracing as a teenager in 1976, the same year he attended the first ever motorcycle road race on Thanksgiving weekend at Nelson International Raceway, now Shannonville. Both events would prove crucial for Fraser. By 1979 he was working for new Shannonville owner Jack Boxstrom, as well as starting his writing and photography career as a contributor to “Cycle Canada.”

In 1980 Fraser co-founded the RACE sanctioning group with Boxstrom, and soon roadracing school Chief Instructor was also part of Fraser’s CV. The RACE Series went National with backing from Castrol Oils and Motoplan Insurance in 1986, and two years later Shannonville underwent extensive expansion, now firmly established as Canada’s bike racing home of that era.

Fraser writing and imaging efforts covered a host of magazines including American Roadracing, Roadracing World, Classic Racer and many long-gone titles. In 1996 he helped start Inside Motorcycles. Bike instruction included duties with BMW’s Advanced Rider Training Program and more recently leading the Kawasaki Ninja Riding Experience.

Meanwhile, Fraser continued to compete, primarily in the U.S.A., where he also worked as an Event Director with sanctioning groups WERA, CCS, Formula-USA, NASB, Moto-ST and AMA Pro. Fraser and his staff pioneered the use of spec, one brand tires for National racing series with Pirelli and later Dunlop, and over the past decades have organized spec racing series with Yamaha (RZ350), Suzuki (SV650), Honda (CBR125R and 250R) and currently Kawasaki.

In 1994 David Hatch and Fraser started Professional Motorsports Productions to provide event television coverage, taking over the running of the Canadian National Superbike Championship Series in 1998. Title support was supplied by Toyota Trucks and later Parts Canada.

Currently, P.M.P. organizes the Mopar CSBK Nationals, with television coverage of the seven 2016 rounds on TSN sponsored by Dalton Timmis Insurance and the Motovan Corporation. Fraser lives in Toronto with his son and daughter, several cameras and one or two motorcycles.

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