We love it when a manufacturer takes a tried and true concept and breathes new life into it.  That’s why, when BMW Motorrad revealed the design for the new K1600 B, we got excited about the changes coming to what has quickly become a classic touring machine. As some of you viewers may recall, when the K1600 GTL was released in 2012, it quickly garnered the admiration of our road testers, and received the auspicious title of Motorcycle Experience “Bike of the Year”.

According to BMW Motorrad, the new K1600 B bagger will be released in Canada in fall 2017.  Although BMW Motorrad seems to have re-imagined the concept of luxury touring, they say they haven’t changed the soul of the K1600, which is the 6 cylinder, fuel-injected, 160hp engine that our road testers loved so much back in 2012.  What it looks like they have changed, is the overall silhouette; lowering the rear frame and creating a streamline drop affect with the front fairing as the highest point. Low-slung pipes running parallel to the road and the fully integrated luggage further enhance the sleek look and the seven inches grazed off the passenger seat give the K1600 B that characteristic bagger look. We can’t wait to get our hands on this beautiful looking machines.


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