Motorcycle Review of the 2016 Yamaha YZF R3


Dave Hatch | Host 



2016 Yamaha YZF R3 Motorcycle Review

“Yamaha has raised the bar in the entry sports class with the exciting “R3″. Sporting a twin cylinder 320 cc engine and an ultra lightweight chassis, the R3 offers a solid combination of class-leading power and light, agile handling. Add in the incredible MotoGP inspired M1 race bike styling, plus an easy to ride personality and you have the perfect recipe for a super fun riding experience ! ”

Back in the 80s, manufacturers fully embraced the small displacement sport bike, creating a market for and appeasing the demands of riders who wanted to look cool and go fast without breaking the bank. Fast forward some three decades and now a whole new batch of small displacement sport bikes have arrived on our shores including Yamaha’s YZF R3. At the heart of this beauty is a liquid cooled, fuel injected, three hundred twenty-one CC parallel twin cylinder mated to a slick shifting six speed tranny. Yamaha claims the R3 cranks out some forty two horse power. And it certainly feels peppy. Up front you’ll find a forty-one millimeter non-adjustable fork with a seventeen inch hoop. While out back a single linkless shock soaks up the bumps while riding on another seventeen incher.

We invited Sherrie Payne to sample the R3 along side a Honda CBR 300 and a Kawasaki Ninja 300.  When Sherrie picked it up from the manufacturer she got more than she was expecting.  Compared to her beefier 600 she anticipated that the YZF would be smaller, lighter and more difficult to handle on the highway but she was pleasantly surprised that, despite the smaller displacement, the R3 had all the power she could ask for and was solid at high speeds and in heavy traffic.  And it was comfortable even after riding it all the way from Yamaha Canada and road testing all day.

There’s lots to admire in the R3 for the novice rider as well. Sherrie found it extremely easy to maneuver at slow speeds with an easy-to-use confidence inspiring gear shift and breaking system.


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