Motorcycle Review of the Honda VFR1200X


Dave Hatch | Host 



2016 Honda VFR1200X

Motorcycle Review

The VFR1200X’s 1,237 cc 16-valve Unicam V-4 engine is a spectacular example of Honda’s best engineering. Case in point: the two rear cylinders are closer together than the front two, making the engine narrower where your legs are. Clever.” – Honda Motorcycles Canada

Dave asked long time viewer and current Harley-Davidson owner Stewart Bailey to experience his first ever ride on an adventure bike and test out the VFR1200X. Stewart had trouble finding bad things to say about Honda’s big adventure bike. He approached it with some trepidation, being accustomed to his low riding Harley, but was quick to realize that, despite the fact that it appears quite tall, the VFR can be adjusted to fit just about anyone.

When it comes to the VFR, the word that kept popping into Stewart’s head was, “sophistication”. Stewart’s experience was that, from the inside out, the VFR1200X is a refined motorcycle. The four-cylinder engine is, according to Stewart, “ridiculously smooth” and he found the narrow design allows more space for his knees. He was also really impressed with the power distribution noting that the engine is smooth and without hesitation in high and low RPM. Although Stewart found it difficult to keep from pushing the motorcycle up into the high gears and really letting it go – not saying that he’d call it a criticism. As far as brakes, he found the dual front ABS firm and efficient. He liked the rear brake, but it wasn’t tuned to accommodate a shorter person and he couldn’t use it consistently because it was difficult to reach. But, the sophisticated design allows for everything to be adjusted like the brakes and the handlebars. Although the VFR was comfortable for a taller person like Dave, Stewart thought he would adjust the bars for himself in order to stay comfortable on a long ride. Plus, there are lots of adjustments you can make on the fly and Stewart found the electronic windscreen adjuster particularly useful.


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