Motorcycle Review of the Honda CBR 1000RR SP



“BR 1000 is a very proven bike – very successful, very popular – but they’ve upgraded the speck and obviously that makes it more expensive and more exclusive and it’s also exclusive because the numbers so a la the RC 30 and these numbers are even more restricted… down the road twenty years that will make this bike valueable if you can keep it in one piece.”

Dave Hatch | Host 



2015 Honda CBR 1000RR SP Motorcycle Review


The CBR1000RR, known in some countries as the Fireblade, is a 999 cc (61.0 cu in) liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder sport bike that was introduced by Honda in 2004 as the seventh-generation of the series of motorcycles that began with the CBR900RR in 1992.

Behold, Honda Canada’s answer to the question, how do you take a fantastic 1000CC super sports machine and crank it all the way up to 11, the CBR 1000RR SP. With the very latest generation CBR1000RR, under all that sweet orange team Repsol bodywork, you get a hand assembled, hand-balanced, Pro Superbike ready inline 4. Mated to the stock frame, with its sculpted aluminum gull wing swing arm, you’ll note the Öhlins suspension has been bolted into place out back, while up front the inverted 43 mil Öhlins fork sports a pair of top of the line Brembo, mono block brakes. But how different is the SP from the standard RR? Dave asked veteran journalist Colin Fraser and reigning CSBK Champion Jodie Christie this exact question after they both had the opportunity to give it a run on the track at Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah, Georgia.

With it’s fine tuning and limited edition release, it’s definitely a motorcycle that will appeal to collectors and track riders alike.

According to Colin, the CBR 1000RR SP is comparable to the limited edition RC30 that Honda released in the late 80s. Honda has taken the CBR1000, a proven on both street and track, and upgraded the spec in the special edition RR to enhance its racing ability and collectability. The Öhlins forks on the front are the gold standard of the brand. Along with the lighter wheels and engine tuned for more power, the 1000RR SP has all the design input of a top end racing machine. With it’s fine tuning and limited edition release, it’s definitely a motorcycle that will appeal to collectors and track riders alike.


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